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According to a survey among our players, 70% of them are playing our games at work. That makes our games a very good present for your company's customers. When buying 50 copies or more, you do not only get a special discount price, but also a completely re-designed game according to your needs. Some changes are:
  • Including your Company's name and logo on the splash screen and about screen or beside the game board
  • Nagging the user to get the free registration code that is available on your website
  • Including Buttons that lead to your website
  • Displaying clickable banners below the game board (even banners that are re-loaded at runtime from the internet)
  • Removing all nags and registration reminders
  • Changing the game's name
  • Whatever else you would like to change. If it's technically possible, we would be glad to do it.

Here are some examples of these possible changes.

You could offer this re-designed version of our games for download on your website or include it a give-away CD, giving your customers a present that they will actually use for a very long time...

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to receive more detailed information and pricing.

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