Powerful Customer Tracking for Software Vendors and MicroISV

The Software Administration Kit (SAK) is an unique all-in-one solution for customer tracking and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation, version management and order fulfillment. SAK has been designed to meet the requirements of shareware authors and other e-commerce vendors. It's competitive pricing makes SAK especially attractive for small to medium sized companies.
SAK saves time by automating repeatedly occurring tasks and lets you focus on development and marketing.

Download a 30-day trial version or read on why you should buy the Software Administration Kit:

Stop wasting time browsing slow online order databases when looking for a specific customer's contact or order information - SAK's local database is always much faster. It imports thousands of customers from your e-mail client by parsing your order notifications or from any other database by parsing a comma-delimited file in just a few seconds. Instead of parsing your customers from a single file, you can also simply drag-and-drop them from your e-mail client into the Software Administration Kit.
"SAK is an excellent way to keep track of your customers and, most importantly, potential customers. If you are a software developer or e-commerce vendor, at the very least, you should give this little gem a try."
-- A1 Yipee Shareware

Import order notifications from all major registration services (see the list of supported registration services) and shopping cart systems. If your order notifications should not be supported, just let us know and we will gladly implement a suitable import filter for free within one week.

Organize your existing and potential customers - Once imported, you can keep track of your customers and orders in a fast, clear and easily searchable database. SAK lets you segment them into different customer groups, like registered users, betatesters, trial users or fraud orders, reminds you of still unpaid orders and makes it easy to keep customer information up to date.

Increase the hits to your Website and get more regular customers using SAK's personalized newsletters. Address each customer with his first name and optionally disguise the newsletter as personal mail, making it more likely that he actually reads it. SAK offers various flexible rules for filtering the recipients, for example you can use different languages depending on each customer's nationality or include and exclude different customer groups like "Registered Users", "Betatesters" or Unregistered Users".

"I was very impressed how easily SAK imported my customer data. A wealth of features at a reasonable price!"
-- George Lissauer, Gridlinx Software
Spend less time for fulfilling your orders. No matter if you have to regularly send out form e-mails or form letters containing your customer's address and registration info- SAK can do this much faster than your mail client or word processor, because it copies all needed information from the customer database. If you are marketing your software by distributing a trial version which is unlocked with a registration code or file, SAK will even automatically generate and submit it for you - no matter what scheme you are using for generating your registration codes or key files.

Minimize your income loss caused by piracy: If an illegal keygenerator for your application is released, you can change the key generation scheme and let SAK automatically submit the new codes or key files to all customers via e-mail.

"SAK is the first and only tool for a shareware author/publisher that is worth using. I saw different tools for doing the same things as SAK, but only this tool has gathered most of important functions together. Thanks to the author."
-- Eugene Mayevski, EldoS
In order to optimize your marketing efforts, it is crucial to measure your success over time and to know who your customers are. SAK's highly customizable sales reports can give you information about your sales that you could not see just by reading your order notifications, for example if a marketing campaign was successful, in which countries you have your biggest markets, or how many of your sales are from regular customers.

By letting SAK organize your customer's bug reports and change requests you will never forget to fix a reported bug and can view a clear priority list of what to implement next. In addition to this, SAK can generate a version history as text or HTML which you can distribute along with your application and display on your Website.

"SAK has made my customer tracking and sales tracking easier! The customer import feature alone is worth the price of the software. "
-- Carlos Castillo, Castillo Bueno Systems
Despite of all these features, SAK is very intuitive and easy to use. Although we put a lot of work into the manual, we are sure that you will not need it very often.

Here is your chance to experience all this for yourself. Download a 30-day trial version and explore the quality and ergonomic features of the Software Administration Kit. Priced at only $99.95, we are sure that there is no better customer tracking solution available for the money. In addition, you will get one year of free updates! And don't forget that all our products come with a risk-free unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you happen to have a problem or question, unlimited free support by e-mail is always available.

Download a 30-day trial version (just 2 MB) or buy the full version now!

As of the 15th of October 2003, the development of the SAK has been temporarily halted until I find some more time to implement version 2.0 of the software. By that time, advanced features like multiuser support and customizable import filters will be added.

However, until then I'm afraid I am unable to fulfill any change requests, no matter if from registered or unregistered customers. Please note that you are therefore buying the SAK on an "as is" basis until version 2.0 is released. In exchange, I have slashed down the registration fee from $129 to just $99.95!

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